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Below is a list of all taxes collected by the Palisades School District, the Collectors for that tax and any special notes that may be of interest.

Earned Income Tax

Collector: Keystone Collections Group 

Additional Information:  

  • Hired by the Bucks County Tax Collection Committee
  • Countywide collection per Act 32 of 2010
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Delinquent Earned Income Tax

Collector: Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd

  • 2010 and Prior Delinquent - Berkheimer Tax Administrator - hired by Palisades School District
  • 2011 and Forward - Keystone Collections Group - hired by Bucks County Tax Collection Committee

Additional Information:  

  • Berkheimer was hired in June 2013 to collect Pre-2011 Delinquent Earned Income Taxes
  • Keystone began collecting current 2011 Earned Income Taxes and any delinquent Earned Income Taxes from that point forward

Real Estate Tax

Collector: Locally elected tax collectors at Municipal elections

Additional Information

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Delinquent Real Estate Tax

Collector: Portnoff Law Associates, Ltd.

Additional Information:

  • Website
  • Collector for the District since 2006

Real Estate Breach Tax

Collector: Bucks County Treasurer's Office

Additional Information: Taxpayer defaults on a County preservation program and owe back taxes + interest

Realty Transfer Tax

Collector: Bucks County Recorder of Deeds

Additional Information: When real estate is sold, 0.5% of the sale price is paid to the District Taxpayer Bill of Rights: Palisades Taxpayer Bill of Rights revised 2021

Public Utility Realty Tax Act

Collector: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue

Additional Information: Levied against certain entities furnishing utility services regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission or a similar regulatory body. The Commonwealth imposes this tax on public utility realty in lieu of local real estate taxes and distributes the local realty tax equivalent to local taxing authorities

Payment in Lieu of Tax

Collector: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Game Commission

Additional Information: Federal payments to local governments that help offset losses in property taxes due to non-taxable Federal lands within their boundaries (State Gamelands)


The Palisades School District is a Tax Exempt organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service under the following Section of the Internal Revenue Code:

Section 509(a)(1) Organizations

Section 509(a)(1) organizations include:

1. A church or a convention or association of churches,

2. An educational organization such as a school or college,

3. A hospital or medical research organization operated in conjunction with a hospital,

4. Endowment funds operated for the benefit of certain state and municipal colleges and universities,

5. A governmental unit, and

6. A publicly supported organization.

Educational organizations. An educational organization is one whose primary function is to present formal instruction that normally maintains a regular faculty and curriculum and that normally has a regularly enrolled body of pupils or students in attendance at the place where it regularly carries on its educational activities. The term includes institutions such as primary, secondary, preparatory, or high schools, and colleges and universities. It includes federal, state, and other publicly supported schools that otherwise come within the definition. It does not include organizations engaged in both educational and noneducational activities, unless the latter are merely incidental to the educational activities. A recognized university that incidentally operates a museum or sponsors concerts is an educational organization. However, the operation of a school by a museum does not necessarily qualify the museum as an educational organization.

Palisades School District

39 Thomas Free Drive

Kintnersville, PA 18930

Phone: 610-847-5131

Fax: 610-847-8116

Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) 23-6004067

(Individuals should consult their tax professionals regarding tax implications arising from reference or use of this EIN)