Student Services


Director of Student Services
Mr. Lou deFonteny
[email protected]
610-847-5131 ext. 4009

Secretary to the Director of Student Services
Ms. Kelly Dobrydnia
[email protected]
610-847-5131 ext. 4026

School Psychologist
Dr. Amy Glascott
[email protected]
610-847-5131 ext. 1000

School Psychologist

Mrs. Hillary Strong
[email protected]
610-847-5131 ext. 3000

School Crisis Counselor
Mrs. Katie Lloyd, MA, LPC
[email protected]
610-847-5131 ext. 2449

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Mrs. Cindy Toms, 
[email protected]
610-847-5131 ext. 7211

The Palisades School District is committed to providing inclusive educational programs and services that respect the rights and dignity of all participants within the educational community. Inclusive programming is considered to be a process that requires planning, collaboration, dedication, provision of reasonable resources, acceptance of diversity and flexibility in the delivery service. Our efforts are devoted to meaningfully educating all students in the least restrictive environments.

- Inclusion means providing all students with disabilities meaningful educational programming in the regular education environment to the maximum extent possible. Educational barriers will be minimized by providing the appropriate supports and services, allowing the students to achieve individual goals and objectives as an active participant of the class.

- The benefits of inclusive educational programming for students in regular education and/or special education programs include: enhanced self-esteem; physical, social; and academic skill growth; acceptance of individual differences; learning through peer teaching/ tutoring; modeling, and mentoring.

Student Services
encompasses a number of programs and services made available to students who may have unique needs beyond the regular programming provided by the district.  Some of these programs and services may require meeting eligibility requirements, and others are made available as the need is recognized.  Broadly speaking, the Pupil Services staff include psychologists, counselors, special education teachers, gifted support teachers, English Language Development (ELD) teachers, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, behavior specialists, hearing specialists, speech specialists, etc.   If a student or parent are concerned about a student, it is often best to begin the conversation with the teacher or building counselor.  If the concern may require the assistance of one of these specialized staff, the building counselor or administrator will be able to assist you in how to secure the appropriate services. 

On the left hand side are a number of specific tabs which may tell you more about many of our programs and services.  If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to email Lou deFonteny, Director of Student Services ([email protected]) or the Student Services Secretary, Kelly Dobrydnia ([email protected]).  We are here to serve you.