Health Services Information

The Palisades School District offers a variety of health-related services to school-age children free of charge through the auspices of the school nurse. Among these services include:

  • emergency first aid, illness care

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)/growth assessment (allstudents, grades K-12, are weighed and measured yearly and provided with a calculated BMI percentile according to age)

  • vision screening (all students, grades K-12,are given a vision screening yearly)
  • hearing screening (all students, grades K-4 and grades 7 & 11 are
    given a hearing screening yearly)
  • scoliosis screening (all students in grades 6 & 7 are screened yearly)

Parents are reminded that

  • PHYSICAL EXAMS are required upon entry into school (Kindergarten OR first grade) and in 6th & 11th grade; click here to download the physical examination form.
  • DENTAL EXAMS are required upon entry into school (Kindergarten OR 1st grade) and in 3rd & 7th grade; click here to download the dental form.

  • PENNSYLVANIA DEPT. OF HEALTH requires all students attending the public school system to have updated vaccinations. Link here for the list of vaccinations required.

The school nurses encourage all parents to have these examinations performed by their personal physicians and dentists, and to return the test results (via the appropriate
form) to the student's home school no later than September 30th.

PLEASE NOTE: If your child needs health insurance, CHIP is worth looking into. For more information visit www.CHIPcoversPAkids.comor call 1-800-986-KIDS to enroll today!

District Medication Policy

  1. A note from the doctor and a written parental request are required prior to the
    administration of over the counter and prescription medications. Link here for the "Medication Administration Consent Form".
  2. Medications should be brought to school in the original labeled container (a one-day's supply or only the amount of medication that will be administered in school). When having your child's prescription filled, ask the pharmacist for a second labeled container if your child will be required to take the prescription medication in school.
  3. Medication should be "checked in" with the school nurse.
  4. Students requiring Epi-Pens for severe allergic reactions should have them available for immediate self administration at all times. Link here for a Request for Medical Exception form specific to an Epi-Pen. Link here for the Allergy Action Plan form.
  5. Students with asthma may carry their own inhalers after properly demonstrating self administration. Link here for a Request for Medical Exception form specific to an inhaler. Link here for the Asthma Action Plan form.
  6. Nonprescription medication must be delivered in its original packaging and labeled with the student's name.  Medication must be dropped off by an adult other than the student.


  1. During online registration for new and returning students it is necessary to complete the Medical Emergency Form provided. Please be certain to notify the person you designate as the emergency contact so they are aware they are serving in this capacity should you not be available.
  2. When your child has a temperature of 100.0 degrees or above he/she should remain at home until they are "fever free" for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications (Tylenol, Motrin, etc.). Please do not use medications containing aspirin and aspirin-like products due to concerns related to Reye's Syndrome. If your child is vomiting or has diarrhea, whether it is the night before or in the morning, they should remain at home for the day.
Working together, we will provide the best possible health services to your child/children.
Your District Health Services Team:

Heather Page, MS, BSN, RN - Palisades High School-phone ext. 2011

Nicola DeMarco, MS, BSN, RN - Palisades Middle School-phone ext. 1011

Penny Neeld, RN- Durham Nockamixon Elementary-phone ext. 3011

Robin Hahn, BSN, RNC- Tinicum Elementary-phone ext. 7011

Kate Sadow, RN- Springfield Elementary-phone ext. 6011