Act 55 School Code; Section 1337

On November 6, 2017, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 55, a wide ranging amendment to the Pennsylvania School Code. One section that was impacted by Act 55 is School Code section 1337. This program includes the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program. The effective date of this requirement was December 6, 2017.

Our School Board has established a guideline which provides a complete meal to any student that requests one, regardless of whether the student has money to pay or owes money for school meals. This is a change from the previous guideline with regard to alternate meals provided when a student meal account is negative.

Previous to December 6, 2017 a lunch voucher or a replacement meal was provided. This practice has been discontinued. We have also discontinued telling students if their account needs funding. All communications are made to the parent or guardian, and not to the student.

Additionally, our POS system can provide a "low balance notice"for a parent or guardian that has enrolled in that feature, through

On the Food Services tab of our district web site, we have provided "Helpful Hints" for student meal accounts, as well as an update to the new account balance processing as follows:

  • Account Balance Notices: If a student has charged a meal or another item to their account that is not funded, we will send out a balance due statement electronically. Accounts will need positive funds for snacks, and a la carte items to be purchased. Complete meals are never denied for any student due to lack of funds. We may deny the purchase of a snack or a la carte item. After six meals are charged with a negative balance, we will contact the household directly.