World Language Department

Palisades World Language Department Mission Statement:

The goal of the K-12 Palisades School District world language department is to empower students to communicate and participate in a globally interdependent world.

5-Year Action Plan:

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Page Davis
Co-Department Head K-12
p[email protected]


Margit Neiman
Co-Department Head K-12
m[email protected] 

Elementary School Spanish FLEX

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Middle School World Languages

French I
German I
Spanish I
Exploratory Spanish 6
Exploratory Spanish 7

High School World Languages

French I
French II

French III

French IV

AP French

German I
German II

German III

German IV

AP German

Spanish I

Spanish II

Spanish III

Spanish IV

AP Spanish

Less Commonly Taught Languages