Mathematics Department

Palisades Mathematics Department Mission Statement:

The goal of the K-12 Palisades School District math department is for students to reach their full potential by understanding, applying and transferring math skills to their lives.

From proficiency of mathematical standards and practices to resolving unique problems, students will employ mathematical reasoning with confidence and persistence while finding accurate and reasonable solutions to problems.

5-Year Action Plan:

Please click here to see an overview of our K-12 math program and a summary of the department's 5-year curriculum review plan (2018-2023)

 Mrs. Megan O'Boyle

Megan O'Boyle

Department Head - Elementary Schools
 [email protected] 

Ms. Pam Garner

Pam Garner
Department Head - Middle School
[email protected]

Mrs. Amy Wright

Amy Wright
Co-Department Head - High School
[email protected] 

Mr. Steve danley

Steve Danley
Co-Department Head - High School
s[email protected]

Elementary Mathematics

Math Kindergarten
Math Grade One
Math Grade Two
Math Grade Three
Math Grade Four
Math Grade Five

Middle School Mathematics

Math-Grade Six
Math-Grade Seven
Pre-Algebra-Grades 6-8
Geometry Honors Grade 8

High School Mathematics

AP Computer Science A
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
Introduction to Statistics
Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry, Honors
Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry
Algebra I
Algebra II
Algebra I- A
Algebra I -B
Algebra II -Honors
Algebra II, Level II
Algebra III
AP Physics -B
Geometry - Level I
Geometry -Level II
SAT Math
Learning Support Math 1
Learning Support Math 2
Learning Support Math 3