English/Language Arts Department

Palisades English/Language Arts Department Mission Statement:

The Palisades English/Language Arts department's mission is to inspire students to be active readers in autonomous settings, to communicate effectively using the written and spoken word for a variety of purposes and audiences, and to critically evaluate all media in a global society.

5-Year Action Plan:

Please click here to see an overview of our K-12 English/Language Arts program and a summary of the department's 5-year curriculum review plan (2019-2024).

christina crews

Christina Crews
Department Head - Elementary Schools
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Ms. Corina Balliet

Corina Balliet
Department Head - Middle School
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 Mrs. Carole Lee Deemer 

Carole Lee Deemer
Department Head - High School
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Elementary Reading, English, and Language Arts

Reading English Language Arts - Kindergarten
Reading English Language Arts - Grade 1
Reading English Language Arts Grade 2
Reading English Language Arts Grade 3
Reading English Language Arts Grade 4
Reading English Language Arts Grade 5

Middle School English, Reading, and Language Arts

English 6
English 7
English 8
Reading 6
Reading 7
Reading 8

High School English

English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12
AP English Language
AP English Literature 12
Advanced Reading Seminar
Creative Writing
Journalism I
Journalism II
SAT Critical Reading and Writing