Art/Engineering & Design Department

Palisades Art Department Mission Statement:

We believe that a visual art education is essential to the human experience. Through a substantive visual art education, students connect to a complex world and become productive members of our global society.

5-Year Action Plan:

Please click here to see an overview of our K-12 Art program and a summary of the department's 5-year curriculum review plan (2019-2024)

Ms. Dayna McNichol

Dayna McNichol
K-12 Co-Department Head
[email protected]

Mr. Rory McMullen

Rory McMullen
K-12 Co-Department Head
[email protected]

Elementary Art

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Middle School Art

6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

High School Art

Advanced Placement Studio Art 2-D Design
Art History
Computer Animation
Drawing, Painting & 2-Dimensional Design I
Drawing, Painting & 2-Dimensional Design II
Graphic Communications
Studio Art
3-D Design & Sculpture I
3-D Design & Sculpture II
3-D Design & Sculpture III

Middle School Engineering & Design 6th Grade Exploring Tech
7th Grade Applying Tech
8th Grade Creating Tech
High School Engineering & Design

Architecture I
Architecture II
Intro to Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Robotics I
Robotics II