Roles and Responsibilities

Title IX Coordinator

Mr. Lou deFonteny

Director of Students Services
address: 39 Thomas Free Drive
                Kintnersville, PA 18930
phone #: 610-847-5131 ext. 4009
email address: [email protected]

The Compliance Officer (Superintendent-Dr. Bridget O'Connell) and Title IX Coordinator shall fulfill designated responsibilities to ensure adequate nondiscrimination procedures are in place, to recommend new procedures or modifications to procedures and to monitor the implementation of the district’s nondiscrimination procedures in the following areas, as appropriate:

  1. Curriculum and Materials - Review of curriculum guides, textbooks and supplemental materials for discriminatory bias.
  2. Training - Provide training for students and staff to prevent, identify and alleviate problems of discrimination.
  3. Resources - Maintain and provide information to staff on resources available to complainants in addition to the school complaint procedure or Title IX procedures, such as making reports to the police, and available supportive measures such as assistance from domestic violence or rape crisis programs and community health resources including counseling resources.
  4. Student Access - Review of programs, activities and practices to ensure that all students have equal access and are not segregated except when permissible by law or regulation.
  5. District Support - Assure that like aspects of the school programs  and activities receive like support as to staffing and compensation, facilities, equipment, and related areas.
  6. Student Evaluation - Review of assessments, procedures, and guidance and counseling materials for stereotyping and discrimination.
  7. Reports/Formal Complaints - Monitor and provide technical assistance to individuals involved in  managing informal reports and formal complaints.