Gifted Support Services

Lou deFontenyDirector of Student Services, ext. 4009

Amy Colyer, High School Gifted Education Teacher ext. 2445

Louise Bellew, Middle School 6th&7th grade Gifted Education Teacher ext. 1122
Lori Kesilman, Middle School 8th grade Gifted Education Teacher
ext. 1121

Dr. Jennifer MacDonald, Durham Nockamixon Elementary School Gifted Education Teacher ext. 3207

Jen Yeager, Springfield Elementary School Gifted Education Teacher ext. 6306

Dayna McNichol, Tinicum Elementary School 2nd grade Gifted Education Teacher ext. 9303
Shauna Chilton, Tinicum Elementary School 3rd grade Gifted Education Teacher ext.7014 
Christina Crews, Tinicum Elementary School 4th grade Gifted Education Teacher ext. 7021


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