Teacher Tenure

Attaining Tenure in Pennsylvania

According to PA School Code (24 P.S. § 11-1108): 

Tenure is automatically granted once teachers:
1. Serve a probationary period of three years in a single district as "temporary professional employees"
2. earn a satisfactory rating during the last four months of the third year

Once earned:
1. Notice shall be sent to the secretary of the school district, recorded in the records, and written notification is sent to the employee
2. the employee must be tendered a regular professional employee contract

Attaining Tenure in Palisades

Intensive screening and interview process
- minimum GPA, certification, experience preferred
-Stakeholder participation in interviews

Approval of Superintendent and Board
Intensive supervision and evaluation
-At least 4 clinical observation cycles per year
-At least 2 formal evaluations per year
-Periodic informal observations
-Multiple administrator involvement

2-Year Induction Program
-Formal training, mentoring, peer coaching