2015-16 Budget Information

November 19: Building Budgets, Comprehensive Plan, Warehouse/Transportation, Debt


  • Decrease in Building budgets of $191,960 was a direct result of recalculation granted for Vo-Tech renovation as it affects Charter School per pupil cost
  • Increase of $16,800 in Comprehensive Plan budget to include behavioral health support for students, wellness activities for students after school, increased technology to support BYOD and support for Volunteer Service Experience Program
  • Warehouse and Transportation budget increased by $64,900 for an additional bus run being added for 2015-2016
  • Debt Service will be presented 12/1/14

December 1: Buildings and Grounds, Educational Support, Other Education, Capital Projects


  • $2,500 increase in Building Operations due to annual contract for upgraded safety and security software.
  • Capital Projects increased due to Wastewater system upgrade, proposed drop off loop at PALMS, improvements to the Fire detection system at PALMS, Baseball field upgrades, and various Technology infrastructure upgrades to support increased device use by students while in school.
  • Curriculum and Technology budgets remained relatively level, while including additional technology purchases for students and staff to support everyday learning.
  • Decrease of $5,319 in Other Education while still meeting and exceeding State and Federal mandates to educate student with special needs.
  • Increase of $96,665 in Vocational Technical School budget will be taken from Fund Balance (with no effect on taxes) per renovation agreement. This is a direct result of the District paying for Technical School renovations in cash and saving more than $2 million in interest and financing costs.

December 17: Equipment, Administration, Salary, Benefits, Revenue


  • $1,211 decrease in the equipment budget which is used to fund the various districtwide equipment needs for the year
  • $53,730 increase in the administration budget which includes funding for a demographic study of the district, an increase in liability insurance, an actuarial study on post-employment benefits as required by the federal government, as well as a and potential cost for employee clearances to be updated as required by new state law (still awaiting clarification from PDE if this is a mandated cost for the district)
  • $452,804 increase in contractual salaries for support and professional staff
  • $1,859,825 increase in benefits which are a result of the state mandated increase in the retirement contribution from 21.4% of Salaries to 25.84%, and a projected 30% increase in Health insurance
  • Decrease of $144,392 in real estate revenue due to anticipated assessment appeals
  • Increase of $882,243 in state reimbursement for social security and retirement expenses
  • Click here to see elementary enrollment projections for 15-16, with class configuration options at the elementary level
  • Click here to see the proposal presented to add a .60 biology teacher into the 15-16 budget (will be discussed in detail at Education Programs and Services meeting on 1/14 at 7pm in the PHS Audion)

12/17/14 Summary:

  • The net result of the budget items presented to the board reflects a preliminary deficit of $1,286,073. This is a worst-case scenario as it relates to school spending and revenue for the 2015-16 school year. Next, the School Board will vote on a Preliminary Budget on 1/7/15 that would allow an increase in taxes above the index (set at 1.9% by the Pennsylvania Department of Education) if we qualify for the exceptions (related to the retirement contribution). Of course, for the last three years, a budget has been passed requiring no tax increase. At this time, a determination has not been made as to the amount of a possible tax increase however all options are being left open. From this point, the board and administration will begin the process of trimming costs where possibly while continuing to offer excellent educational programs and services for our students and families.
  • The next School Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 7th at 7:30 PM in the PHS Library.
  • Click here for the Preliminary Budget Notice and Act 1 Referendum Exception Notice. A copy of the Preliminary Budget is here

January 7, 2015: Preliminary Budget


  • The motion to approve a Preliminary budget with a maximum real estate tax increase of 3.502 mills failed with a 4-5 vote. This would have been a maximum tax increase of $120.50 per average assessed household. A motion not to exceed the 1.9% Act 1 index will be on the agenda January 21st that will set the maximum millage increase at 2.096 mills, or $72.11 per average assessed household. The budget will be continually monitored for ways to trim costs or increase revenues.

January 21, 2015: Resolution not to Exceed the Act 1 Index

  • School Board passed resolution not to increase taxes above the Act 1 index of 1.9%

Proposed Budget


PDE 2028

  • School Board approved Proposed Final Budget that included a 0.82% increase (millage increase of 0.9 mills for a millage rate of 111.24 mills). This will mean an average household real estate tax increase of $31.98.
  • The allowable increase for Palisades set by Pennsylvania Department of Education for 2015-16 could have been 2.096 mills
  • Final budget is scheduled for adoption on June 3, 2015 in the Palisades High School Library at 7:30 p.m.

Final Budget

June 3, 2015


PDE 2028 Budget

  • The Board passed the Final Budget for 2015-16 that included a tax increase of 0.82% or .9 mils in real estate taxes
  • This increase will amount to approximately $32 for the average household assessed at $34,000
  • The final budget for the 2015-16 school year did not include any reductions in staff or in programs at Palisades
  • This is the first budget in four years to include a modest tax increase - the prior 3 years, there has been no tax increase


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