2014-15 Budget Information


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November 20 Building Budgets, Comprehensive Plan, Warehouse/Transportation, Debt
  • Act 1 index is 2.1% or 2.317 mills
  • $4,693 increase in Building Budgets due to increase in Charter School Costs
  • $9,900 increase in Comprehensive Planning Budget due to an increase in Technology
  • $54,152 decrease in Transportation due to a drop in the number of bus runs offset with a contractual increase in the daily bus run rate
  • $2,475 increase in Debt Service as prescribed by the Debt schedule
December 2

Buildings and Grounds, Educational Support, Other Education, Capital Projects, Equipment

  • $15,000 decrease in Building and Grounds Budget as a result of cost-cutting measures for electric consumption
  • $7,659 decrease in Capital Projects for classroom technology purchases
  • $7,903 increase in Student Services costs for homebound instruction, counseling and special education related costs
  • $21,552 increase in Vo-Tech budget to cover anticipated increased assessment from UBCTS
  • $1,954 decrease in the equipment budget for items needing to be replaced for Food Services
December 18 Salary, Benefits, Administration, Revenue
  • $566,355 increase in salaries due to contractual obligations
  • $868,785 increase due to state mandated increase in PSERS retirement rate to 21.4% up from 16.93% in 2013-2014
  • $8,918 decrease in Administration budget due mainly to decrease in copier costs with new copier contract
  • $579,761 increase in revenues due to State reimbursement of one half of the PSERS retirement rate expenditure
December 18 Board Motion not to exceed the Act 1 Index
  • Board passed resolution not to increase taxes above the Act 1 index of 2.1%

May 7, 2014:

Handouts from Meeting

Proposed Budget Powerpoint Presentation

PDE 2028 - Proposed Budget

Proposed Budget

  • Proposed Budget was passed with a 0.86% (0.952 mills) increase in Real Estate Tax rate; this is the maximum possible increase for 2014-15
  • The adjusted allowable increase for Palisades set by Pennsylvania Department of Education for 2014-15 could have been 1.8797 mills
  • For the average household in Palisades, the proposed increase (.952 mills) equates to a tax increase of $29.43
  • The final budget will be on the agenda for the June 4th School Board Meeting
  • Further clarification regarding $232,000 charter school calculation - click here

PDE 2028 - Final Budget

Final Budget Presentation

Final Budget

Final Budget Passed with a ZERO percentage increase for taxpayers. An increase in State Gaming revenue will cause a $2.93 decreasein the average household real estate tax bill.
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